European Cruises - Imagine Your Ideal Cruise!

Imagine yourself on a European cruise. Your adventure begins in a cosmopolitan city such as Rome, Istanbul or Copenhagen, as you board a beautiful ship designed to fulfill your every whim. Unpack your bags only once as you cruise the enchanting shores of the Mediterranean, or the mystical Norwegian fjords. Fall asleep as you leave Istanbul and wake up in Athens, with a view of the Acropolis.

A European cruise offers you an opportunity to see Europe without the logistical challenges of ground transportation, multiple hotel rooms, choosing restaurants and paying extra fees for everything.

Disembark in Venice and wander the streets, hiring a gondola ride for a romantic interlude. Sign up for a shore excursion organized by your cruise line and visit “must see” sites worry-free. Enjoy exclusive access to glass factories, art museums, vineyards; as well as private performances from local folk dancers and musicians.

The European cruise experience is so much more than the ports of call. Dance the night away on your ship, and begin again the next day with swimming, snorkeling or parasailing. Or, spend the entire day doing nothing, as you enjoy spa treatments and sunbathing on deck. Sit in on lectures and workshops given by world-class chefs, artists, bestselling authors and entertainers.

A European cruise is the perfect way to see Europe; if you can dream it, you can experience it. With dozens of cruise lines offering endless combinations of itineraries, you will find your ideal European cruise.

Bon Voyage!