Cruise Lines

Mediterranean beach

Mediterranean beach

During the summer months, you cannot look into the harbor in Dubrovnik, Athens, or Copenhagen without seeing a cruise ship. There are dozens of cruise lines with European itineraries, of every size imaginable. No matter what your interests, needs and even dreams, are, you will have no trouble finding the perfect European cruise.

There are many factors in choosing a cruise line; you will have to decide which is more important to you and start your planning there. Are you hoping for a European cruise with nonstop onboard fun? If that is important to you, you will need to book your cruise on a larger ship, even a megaship; you will not be satisfied on a smaller vessel or alternative ship. If you were dreaming of a relaxing, elegant cruise among small ports with quaint villages, a mainstream cruise line would not be the best option for you.

Cruise lines can be separated into four categories, for ease of planning – American mainstream, European, luxury and ultra-luxury, and alternative cruise lines.

  • American Mainstream Cruise Lines – Generally larger ships packed with onboard activities, dozens of dining options, Las Vegas –style entertainment and even shopping malls;
  • European Cruise Lines – Ships of all sizes, including megaships modeled after the American lines and smaller ships, which are often less expensive;
  • Luxury & Ultra-Luxury Cruise Lines – Again, ships of all sizes with the very best of everything, including world class cuisine and exclusive enrichment opportunities;
  • Alternative Cruise Lines – Smaller cruise ships and 3- to 5-masted ships with fewer passengers and an emphasis on lesser-known ports of call;