Frequent Questions

How long are European cruises?

You can take a cruise in Europe for as little as four days in the northern capitals or the Norwegian fjords, or for as long as 65 days from the northern capitals all the way to the Black Sea. Common cruise durations are 6-9 days and 12-14 days.

What is included in the cruise price?

Your lodging and meals are always included; in some cases specials requests, such as delivery of pizza to your cabin may be an additional charge. There are no additional meal charges on luxury and ultra-luxury cruise lines. On most cruises, your entertainment, onboard activities, non-alcoholic drinks and even some shore excursions are included in the price. Taxes and port fees should also be included, and in most cases, your airfare and ground transportation. There are many hidden fees, so make sure to ask questions and read the fine print.

What is the main difference between a megaship and a smaller ship?

Crowds. If you are looking for a restful vacation with lots of space, you may want to book a cruise on an alternative line or a smaller, luxury ship. While megaships offer more amenities, activities and entertainment, you will often have to wait in line for everything, sometimes for as much as two hours.

How can I book a European cruise?

You can book a cruise through a travel agent, an online booking agency, discount cruise websites, and sometimes on the individual cruise lines’ website.

Will I have to dress up for dinner?

In some cases, yes. Make sure you consult with a representative form your cruise line or your travel agent about dress codes. However, even on the luxury ships, casual attire is becoming more acceptable and often is preferred. Be prepared with formal attire for 1-2 nights.

What if I want to stay longer in a European city?

Most cruise lines offer extended stay packages of 1-4 days for specific cities. This can be arranged for the beginning of your trip (pre-cruise) or the end of your trip (post-cruise). Check with the cruise line before making the arrangements on your own – you can often get a much better deal from the cruise line, and they will handle all of the logistics for you.

How can I save money on booking my European cruise?

Consult with discount cruise booking agencies for special deals. Consider traveling outside of summer, the high season. Also, you will rarely spend time in your cabin, so why not choose the least expensive option and enjoy the onboard life and ports of call? You can also save money by booking early – or late. Early bird specials and last-minute specials are common and easy to take advantage of.