Glossary of Terms

A bed in a cabin or stateroom; also the places where the cruise ship ties up to the shore.
Cabin or Stateroom
A sleeping room on the ship.
Leaving the ship; could refer to disembarking for a port of call or leaving the ship on the last day of the cruise.
Enrichment Opportunities
Most cruise lines, especially the upscale lines, offer onboard classes, workshops and lectures in art, culture, cuisine and natural habitat all pertaining to the cruise itinerary. Enrichment opportunities can also be unrelated to the itinerary, with classes in acting, yoga, painting and writing, to name a few.
Freestyle Cruising
Offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines, Freestyle Cruising offers you more freedom, dining options and the ability to stay in your cabin on disembarkation day (rather than waiting in line for several hours).
Masted Ship
A traditional sailing vessel with 3-5 masts. These ships can carry as many as 200 passengers, and while they use electronic instruments, they are often partially hand-sailed.
A large ship holding more than 2,500 passengers, sometimes as many as 3,700 passengers; operates like a traveling resort with onboard spas, fitness centers, shopping malls, casinos and movie theaters.
Port of Call
A stop on your European cruise itinerary where you are allowed to disembark and explore the town or city.
Shore Excursion
A tour of the port of call or a specific attraction prearranged by the cruise line and guided by locals.