Southern Europe Cruises

Experience the romance and history of the Adriatic, Aegean, Black, Ionian, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas as you embark on a cruise in southern Europe. Visit ports of call in Greece and the Greek Islands, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and the Canary Islands. Whether aboard a megaship or a sailing vessel, a southern European cruise is your chance to explore the very cradle of civilization, get up close and personal with iconic works of art, and taste the legendary wine and cuisine for which this region is so renowned.

An old woman prepare pastries in a boat in Turkey

An old woman prepare pastries in a boat in Turkey

Itineraries in southern Europe can be as short as a five-day Italian cruise aboard a Costa ship, to a 35-day western Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Monte Carlo aboard a Seabourn sailing ship. You may prefer a glamorous 50-day transatlantic cruise departing from Piraeus in Greece, cruising southern Europe’s six magical seas and ports of call such as Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Venice, Cannes, San Tropez, Barcelona, Lisbon and Bordeaux; arriving in New York City after cruising the Atlantic Ocean.

Southern European cruises are often centered on a theme, such as a connoisseur’s tour of the western Mediterranean or a history-buff’s tour of ancient ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. Onboard and onshore enrichment programs are designed to compliment the theme of the cruise, and you will have the opportunity to meet famous chefs, wine experts, botanists, renowned historians of art and ancient civilizations; as well as regional experts in art, culture and the performing arts.

Most cruise lines also offer passengers exclusive shore excursions that you would not have access to if you were traveling on land. You can also book extended stay packages in advance of your cruise, allowing you to spend more time discovering ports of call that hold the most interest for you.

While the larger European cruise ships offer more amenities, dining options, and onboard entertainment and activities, the smaller ships and alternative ships are able to stop at lesser-known ports of call. The larger ships certainly can deliver spectacular shore excursions, though they often sell out quickly. Smaller and alternative cruise ships are more centered on the ports of call than the onboard experience, though many of the ships have retractable platforms allowing passengers to enjoy an array of exciting water sports.

Whether you choose to cruise southern Europe aboard a resort-like megaship, a medium-sized luxury ship, or a five-masted sailing ship, your European cruise is sure to be unforgettable.